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RawInk is a diverse collection of talented, friendly artists and piercers in one of the largest shops on the east coast. Our staff are all helpful and knowledgeable artists whose mission is solely to grow with every person their artwork touches.
Bobby, Owner of Raw Ink

Bobby transitioned from being a graphic designer with years of experience in the printing industry to a tattoo artist in 2003. One of the first things that struck him during his apprenticeship in Silver Spring, MD, was that people came in to get tattoos to permanently set themselves apart from everyone else, yet every client chose their tattoo designs from the same wall of flash art. Bobby couldn’t help but ...


Matt comes from a family of talented artists and musicians, so it came as no surprise that he originally wanted a career in music. That changed when he discovered he had a talent for drawing. Matt pursued his new-found passion at Montgomery College, where he was immersed in a culture filled with tattooed peers. The idea of creating artwork on skin appealed to him so greatly that he shifted his ...