It all Began in 2009,

We started as a two-man show in the back of a chopper shop
have since grown into one of the most trusted custom tattoo studios in Montgomery County, MD.

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Through persistence and originality, we have persevered,
turned obstacles into stepping-stones and learned every step of the way.
We now offer more than ever before and still produce creative custom tattoos here in Maryland.


Completely custom tattoos for each and every client.

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We use vegan and all natural inks!

Meet Our Tattoo Artist, Bobby Weschler

Bobby's extensive and diverse set of skills will guarantee that every client gets the best custom body mod experience they deserve.
Bobby, Owner of Raw Ink

Bobby transitioned from being a graphic designer with years of experience in the printing industry to a tattoo artist in 2003. One of the first things that struck him during his apprenticeship in Silver Spring, MD, was that people came in to get tattoos to permanently set themselves apart from everyone else, yet every client chose their tattoo designs from the same wall of flash art. Bobby couldn’t help but think that flash took the creativity out of tattooing and that carbon copies were all you could get from a tattoo shop. His dissatisfaction over that notion eventually motivated him to establish a tattoo studio focused on giving every client a custom tattoo. That’s how Raw Ink was conceived in October 2009. Raw Ink isn’t just your average “street shop”; it’s a tattoo studio that’s home to creative, experienced tattoo artists who do more than copy tattoo designs picked off a wall. Raw Ink will always be unique, as will every tattoo we do!


After being formally trained in fine arts and graphic design at the Maryland College of Art and Design (MCAD) and Montgomery College, Bobby spent twelve years in the printing and graphic design industry. That experience has given him a special perspective that shows in his artwork and layouts. Bobby’s favorite subject to tattoo is underwater creatures and their habitats, but he is well-rounded and up for any challenge. 90% of his tattoos start as free-hand designs done on clients’ bodies with markers and using references pulled from his library of photographs, sketches and even from the many saltwater fish or reef tanks you’ll find throughout Raw Ink. Drawing a design directly on a client’s body ensures that the tattoo will flow with the body, like it was always meant to be there.


“I saw society opening up to tattooing, but every tattoo I saw was the same! Probably because it’s all from the same reference (Google), so of course there will be similar ‘copies’… My goal is to use unique references and create one-of-a-kind tattoos by taking the time to nail down the design a client wants, and then drawing the design on them to best fit the contours of their body.”


~ Bobby Weschler, Tattoo Artist & Owner of Raw Ink ~



  • Raw Ink Studio

  • 18200 Georgia Ave Unit N+O

  • Olney, MD 20832

  • Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 7pm
    Monday: Closed

  • 240-417-0113

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